Anhui sanhe heavy industry machinery co., LTD., located in the beautiful shore of chaohu lake, located in the famous national provincial drought chain industrial park, south places of huangshan mountain and jiuhuashan mountain, adjacent to the provincial capital of hefei, or rather high speed, called high-speed, beijing-fuzhou high-speed, beijing-kowloon

Habitat and the rail wear, waterway transportation is convenient.

Company was founded in the mid - eighty - s, covers an area of 180 mu, total assets of 465 million yuan, has three subsidiaries: anhui sanhe heavy industry machinery co., LTD., Anhui Saiwei conveyer equipment Co.,  Ltd., an


Address: China chaohu lake industrial park

Zip code: 238074 tel: 0551-82387111 

Fax: 0551-82325222 sales director, Mr Xu, 13856578111

Website: www.ysdiandu.com E-mail:xuf8888@163.com


www.ysdiandu.com all rights reserved: anhui sanhe heavy industry machinery co., LTD

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